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Sandra Boynton did several lines for Gund over a few years, beginning in 1992. She did the regular-sized animals, a line of small boxed beanies called "Minimals", a line of Christmas animals and beanies, and a series of dinosaurs - the Boyntosaurs. If you have any of these and can give me text from the tags, please do so! Also, I'm looking for the names of ones that I don't have the names for. I would greatly appreciate it!


Some of Sandra Boynton's animals were dressed up for Christmas. And then there were Pere Noel and the reindeer...

Bearing Gifts
Tag reads: Bearing Gifts
and inside: ????
Reindeer "Dancer"
Tag reads:
and inside: ????
Reindeer "Dasher"
Tag reads:
and inside: ????
Reindeer "Donder"
Tag reads:
and inside: ????
McGuinness Penguin
Tag reads:
and inside: ????
Tag reads: Udderly cool.
and inside: Merry Christmas and a Happy Moo Year.
Tag reads: Noelasaurus
and inside: Hope your Christmas is a HUGE success
(Thanks to of eBay for the picture and tag info!)
Pere Noel
Tag reads: A Santa magnifique.
and inside: Joyeux Noel!
Christmas Skitter
Tag reads: The perfect Santa Claws
and inside: ????


The Minimals were a line of "greeting" plush, in boxes with messages on them. There may have been several different versions of one animal, in different boxes with different messages (and different names). Boxes were about 5" tall; the animals were about 4" tall.

Box says: Bing One of the Show Biz Greats.
Contents: One bright white velour polar bear, with holiday trimmings. Low-key and lovable. Truly a Christmas classic.
McGuinness Penguin
To/From: Have a classy Christmas
Box says: Decidedly cool.
Contents: One spiffy black and white penguin, with bow tie. Confident, wry and charming. Keep in a very cool place. Among very cool folks
M.C.Mooer Cow
To/From: Moory Christmas!
Box says: Udderly cool.
Contents: One festive velour cow, with holiday trimmings. Brings much good cheer. And a stable influence.
Pere Noel
Box says: Joyeux Noel!
Contents: One Old-World Santa with white-trimmed red velboa hooded robe, green velboa mittens, peach velour face, and fuzzy beard.

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