My Pets
"All my pets have scales"

Welcome! This page is dedicated to the animals who have privileged me with their presence, and made my life so much more enjoyable - and, sometimes, sadder with their passing.

To put it simply, I like scaly critters. I also prefer all my pets to have legs, with the exception of the fish - who don't get to run around in the house, and therefore can't slither under things to hide out of reach. I started out living with lizards when I lived in Hawaii, where you can't avoid it; when I moved to California, I realized that I missed them! In Hawaii, we had house geckos, Mediterranean geckos, and anoles in the house; and skinks, cane toads, poison dart frogs, and bullfrogs outside. There were also colonies of Jackson's chameleons and iguanas that got loose from pet shops.

Currently, I have several varieties of small lizards, but my real love is monitor lizards. I recently lost my big Nile monitor to a possible liver disease. Her name was Isis. She was my baby, and I miss her terribly. I've also lost three Savannah monitors at different times, and a number of small lizards, all of whom are missed. Right now I have an adult male Argus monitor, a male Nile monitor, a female water monitor, and a baby Argentine tegu. Check them out!

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Isis - the most special pet I've ever known
Selkhet - my new Nile monitor
Scratch-n-Sniff, my rescue water monitor
Zonker - my very first monitor
Willie - my second Savannah monitor
Newt - my last Savannah monitor
Anderangle - my bearded dragon
My Callopistes Maculatus (dwarf monitor tegus) - Igor & Natasha
My whiptails - frenetic little guys!
My Peruvian pink-bellied swifts, Glimmer & The Flash
Godzilla - my "crested tree swift"
Stringbean - my Chinese long-tailed lizard
Max - my northern alligator lizard
More lizards!