The Patterns Are Out There Somewhere


This webpage is my attempt to create a reference for Pyrex patterns and items. Please note that it is still under construction, and is by no means complete! (And it probably won't be in my lifetime!). This webpage currently addresses pattern identification for the colored bakeware ONLY. I will be adding pictures of various items in each pattern at a later date. All names of patterns marked with an asterisk (*) are a name I have assigned, and are NOT the official Pyrex names. If you know the real name of a pattern marked with an asterisk, or of one labeled "unknown", please let me know and I will update the index. Also, if you have information about any pattern, and/or a better picture, I will be happy to post them here, with the proper credit to you.

Information about some patterns is taken from: "Pyrex by Corning: A Collector's Guide, by Susan Tobier Rogove and Marcia Buan Steinhauer. An excellent book!
If you're looking for the book, click HERE.

A note about "book values": I don't do values - it takes too much time and effort to track what each item is selling for, and trying to evaluate an item through email without handling it is just an exercise in frustration for both parties. As far as I'm concerned, your item is worth exactly what you can get someone to pay you for it. If you absolutely MUST place a dollar value on your piece of Pyrex, check the book "PYREX The Unauthorized Collector's Guide" by Barbara Mauzy. She's into the value side of it. Big time.

Many of the individual item pictures have been taken from eBay auction items for sale, without permission. IF YOUR PICTURE IS ON THESE PAGES, please email me to give you proper credit, or if you don't wish your pictures to contribute to the general knowledge of Pyrex, let me know and I will remove them. Thank you.


Pyrex changed the numbers for the oval casseroles at some point from 943/945/963 to 043/045/063. I have used the numbers interchangeably in these pages, unless I know specifically which one was used on the piece.

The Unknown category now contains all the patterns to which I gave names, but don't have the official name. The Promotions category contains all the patterns that I know are promotional items, even those for which I don't know the names.

Not all of the pictures are up yet.

Named Patterns

Promotional Items

Solid Colors


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Caring for your Pyrex

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