Gund Boynton

Sandra Boynton did several lines for Gund over a few years, beginning in 1992. She did the regular-sized animals, a line of small boxed beanies called "Minimals", a line of Christmas animals and beanies, and a series of dinosaurs - the Boyntosaurs. If you have any of these and can give me text from the tags, please do so! Also, I'm looking for the names of ones that I don't have the names for. I would greatly appreciate it!


These animals came in boxed sets with Sandra Boynton board books

Barnyard Dance cow
This fellow came with the board book "Barnyard Dance"
Birthday Monster
This handsome fellow came with the board book "Birthday Monsters!"
"One, Two, Three!" the counting hippo
This dapper fellow came with the board book "One, Two, Three!"
His tie is sort of a tape measure.
Oh My Dinosaur
This ferocious fellow came with the board book "Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!"

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Sandra Boynton