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Sandra Boynton did several lines for Gund over a few years, beginning in 1992. She did the regular-sized animals, a line of small boxed beanies called "Minimals", a line of Christmas animals and beanies, and a series of dinosaurs - the Boyntosaurs. If you have any of these and can give me text from the tags, please do so! Also, I'm looking for the names of ones that I don't have the names for. I would greatly appreciate it!


"Barker" the dog
Tag reads: A faithful friend.
and inside: I'll be there when it's ruff ruff ruff.
12" tall
"Dad's Little Monster"
"Dexter" the Lion
Tag reads: A Little on the Wild Side
and inside: I like you with all my might and mane.
"Hippo Birthday"
Tag reads: Hippo birdie two ewes
                   Hippo birdie two ewes
                   Hippo birdie deer ewe
and inside:
"Hippo T Hopper"
The Easter Bunny put on a little weight...
"M.J." the Cow
Tag reads: Udderly awesome.
and inside: Thinking of yoooo!
"Mom's Little Monster"
"Nope!" the donkey
Tag reads: A true friend. When push comes to shove.
and inside: I'll come with you everywhere. If you carry me.
"Peeg" the pig
Tag reads: A sensitive soul.
and inside: Share your secrets with me and your chocolate.
McGuinness Penguin
"Prince Charming" the frog
Tag reads: Simply Enchanting
and inside: Kiss me, I stay the same. You can't improve on perfection.
"Quaxter" the duck
Tag reads: One heck of a nice duck
and inside: Squeeze my beak. Ruffle my feathers. Look into my eyes. What more could you ask for in a duck?
"Scruffy the Little Monster"
Tag reads: "Absolutely no trouble at all. Except when awake." and inside: "????"
Came in blue and coral.
"Skitter" the cat
Tag reads: The Essential Cat
and inside: Skritch me behind the ears and I'll follow you anywhere.
Wedding Hippos
7 1/2" tall
"Wolcott" the sheep

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