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Sandra Boynton did several lines for Gund over a few years, beginning in 1992. She did the regular-sized animals, a line of small boxed beanies called "Minimals", a line of Christmas animals and beanies, and a series of dinosaurs - the Boyntosaurs. These are the Minimals. If you have any of these and can give me text from the boxes, please do so! Also, I'm looking for the names of ones that I don't have the names for. I would greatly appreciate it!


The Minimals were a line of "greeting" plush, in boxes with messages on them. There may have been several different versions of one animal, in different boxes with different messages (and different names). Boxes were about 5" tall; the animals were about 4" tall.

Barker the dog
Box says: A faithful friend.
Cliff Snotes
Box says:
Contents: One basic brown velour graduating turkey with all the trimmings. Loud, smug, nosy, and highly opinionated. Inexplicably self-confident.
Dad's Little Monster
To/From: I love you furry much.
Box says: A real handful.
Contents: One shaggy blue plush monster. Cute, bright, and affectionate. Absolutely no trouble at all. Except when awake.
Glunkly the Frog
To/From: Don't worry. Be hoppy.
Box says: A frog for all seasons.
Contents: One vivid green velour amphibian. Outgoing, good-natured, portable. Travels well in hip pocket or baseball cap.
Hippo Birthday
To/From: Hippo Birdie Two Ewes! (And many hippo returns!)
Box says: Hippo Birdie Two Ewes
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes
Hippo Birdie Deer Ewe
Contents: A periwinkle and white velour hippo, with coral accents. And a festive attitude.
M.J. the Cow
Box says: Udderly awesome.
To/From: Just for yooooo!
Contents: One black-and-white velour cow. Contemplative and calm. Perhaps a little mooody.
Note: I have seen two versions of the minimal cow. Both are pictured.
M.J. Birthday
To/From: Hope your birthday is udderly cool.
Box says: Happy birthday to yoooooooooo!
Contents: (nothing, just dancing cows)(bummer)
Mom's Little Monster
Box says: A real handful.
To/From: I love you furry much.
Contents: One shaggy coral plush monster. Cute, bright, and affectionate. Absolutely no trouble at all. Except when awake.
Peeg (boy pig) also came in girl pig
Box says:
Peeg (girl pig) also known as Peegy
To/From: Pour Vous
Box says:
Contents: A rose pink velour pig with a lavender satin hair ribbon. Dramatic, captivating, and impulsive. Will steal your heart. And put a good dent in your chocolate supply.
Peegy (girl pig)
Box says:
Prince Charming
Box says: Simply enchanting,
To/From: I'm all yours.
Contents: One vivid green enchanted prince, in frog form. To transform into a devastatingly handsome human, kiss his cheek. Don't hold your breath.
To/From: ????
Box says: One heck of a nice duck
Contents: A golden yellow velour duck. Steady and dependable. Not easily ruffled. In short, all that a duck is quacked up to be.
To/From: A new baby! How wonderful!
Box says: Understudy for the regular Stork.
Contents: One white velour delivery duck. Eager and reliable. Neither snow nor rain nor sleet nor dark of night et cetera.
Quork came in blue (for boys), pink (for girls), and mint green (for baby shower gift).
Snap Pigs.
To/From: ????
Box says: ????
Contents: A pair of rose pink velour pigs (one female, one male) that snap together at the snout. Highly compatible. Mutually attached.
On Your Wedding Hippos
To/From: ????
Box says: The perfect couple.
Contents: Grey velour bride and groom hippopotami, in an elegant gift box. The bride is lovely in a white tulle veil and holding a yellow bouquet. The dignified groom wears a black top hat with a matching satin bowtie and cummerbund.
A Very Little Will Power Hippo
To/From: A Very Little Will Power
Box says: Almost irresistible.
Contents: One small grey velour hippopotamus, fondly known as William "Will" Power. An excellent companion, though not highly reliable. Dislikes being exercised. Favorite saying: "I never met a carbohydrate I didn't like."
Catalog entry: A grey and white velour hippopotamus of great charm and scanty self-restraint.
Wolcott the Sheep
To/From: ???
Box says: A sheer delight.
Contents: A curly plush lamb with whisper peach velour face, and grey hands and feet. Trimmed with a blue satin bow. Shy and affectionate.

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