I love what Sandra Boynton does with music. There were birds for musical notes, and here we have holiday items for the notes. Not to mention using animal names to replace words in well-known songs...

Wish You A Merry Christmas
...wish you a merry Christmas,
we wish you a merry Christmas
and a happy new year!
Wishing You All the Best
Wishing you all the best--
Goodness Of the Season
Wishing you all the goodness and love of the season.
Reindeer Typist
xMErrxyc Chxtmaxs8&?
XXX I Love You
XXxxx I Love You
(and no, I'm NOT going to type that all in!)

A| Ba-Be| Bi-Bu| Ca| Ca-Che| Cho-Co| D| E| F| G
Ha-Hap| Hap-Hav| Hip-Ho| Ho-How| IAm-ILo
ILo-INe| IPl-It| J| K| L| Ma-Me| Me-Mo
Mu-My| N-NoG| NoM-Not| O-R| Sa| Se-Sp
T-TheD| TheF-TheT| The-Tu| U| Wa-Wh| Wi-X| Y
Cat mugs| Hippo mugs| Birthday mugs| Christmas mugs



Sandra Boynton