I have two versions of the "Hippo Birdie" mug. The first one doesn't have Sandra Boynton's signature on it, but it is an exact copy of her older "Hippo Birdie" card. I think this is a ripoff, but I've included it here.
The "Ho Ho Escargot" mug I have seen only in the old style (straight sides) and not in the new style with the flared top. If anyone has seen this in the new style, please let me know! Also, a picture would be nice. :+)

Hippo Birdie Old Hippo Birdie New
Hippo birdie deer ewe
Hippo bir-die two ewes!
"Hippo birdie two ewes
Hippo birdie two ewes
Hippo birdie dear ewes
Hippo birdie two ewes."
Hippo Holidays
Hippo Holidays
Hippo Music
Hippo New Year
Hippo New Year
Hippotenuse Ho Ho Ho Escargot
Hippotenuse Ho Ho Ho Escargot

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