Here's another LA Olympics mug - but I haven't seen one without "Los Angeles, 1984" on it. There probably is one - I just haven't found one, yet.

See America First LA
See America First.
Los Angeles, 1984
Seasons Greetings Aloft Seasons Greetings Outstanding
Season's Greetings Season's Greetings to someone
who is outstanding in the field.
Seasons Grrrreetings Creative Genius
Season's Grrrreetings SHHH!
Creative Genius at work!
Worthwhile Men Rich & Famous Cats
So much time... few worthwhile men.
Someday, when we're both rich and famous,we'll look back on all this and laugh.
Southpaw Springtime Pig
SOUTHPAW "Springtime Pig"

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Sandra Boynton