The Mug List

Well, here it is - a checklist of all the mugs I know about. If you know of a mug I don't have listed, please email me and I'll add it to the list. If you have a picture, so much the better!

The mugs are in alphabetical order by caption, or a short description of what's on the mug. This is not exact - it's the order in which they show up in my database. Coincidentally, it's the same order in which they appear in the alphabetical list of pictures. (Funny thing about that.)

There is a link to the webpage where the picture of the mug resides, indicated by the column with (pic) in it. If you don't want to keep paging back and forth, you can right-click on the (pic), and you will get an option box that will allow you to open the page in a new window or tab. Then, to get back to the list, all you need to do is close the new window/tab.

This list is searchable, if you're looking for something specific. Click on EDIT, then select "find" and enter your search word in the box.

A book is a friend Animals reading books (PIC)
A long-distance relationship is never easy Two cats on long line (PIC)
A long-distance relationship isn't easy Mouse looking up at giraffe (PIC)
A twenty-one bun salute Yes, 21 rabbits saluting! (PIC)
All-nighter mug (with two handles) Man working, with instructions on how to use mug (PIC)
America: home of the truly awesome Cat in sunglasses with American Flag (PIC)
(none) Animals aloft with heart balloons (PIC)
(none) Animals with balloons (PIC)
Attention: I love you
You may now resume drinking your coffee
Cat at desk drinking coffee (PIC)
Baa, humbug Sheep and humming bug (PIC)
Baryshnicows Cows dancing ballet in a field (PIC)
It's a sentiment that bears repeating Small bears with heart balloons all around the mug (PIC)
(none) Brown bears and pandas in various poses, holding balloons
Note: This mug comes in both full size and child size
(none) Brown bears in various poses, holding heart-shaped balloons (PIC)
Behind the nag, nag, nag
is a constant loving ewe
Three horses and a sheep (PIC)
Being a father is aard vark An aardvark (what else?) father with a bunch of unruly kids (PIC)
Being a teacher is aard vark An aardvark teacher with a bunch of unruly students (PIC)
I'm only doing this job to keep myself busy between films
(Between Films)
Cat dressed like movie star (PIC)
Big Santa is watching
He knows when you are sleeping
He knows when you're awake
Merry Christmas, 1984
Grouchy-looking Santa (PIC)
Birdie golfer Bird playing golf (PIC)
(none) Birds on music staff (PIC)
Birthdays are for wimps Grumpy bear (PIC)
Bless your fuzzy little heart bear
Note: This mug comes in both full size and child size
(none) Bunnies with balloons (PIC)
Cafe Ole Bull with coffee mug
(I'll bet it's a Sandra Boynton mug!)
Camp Chaos Turkey in camping outfit (PIC)
Camp Chaos head counselor Turkey in camping outfit (PIC)
(none) Cat in Christmas stocking, wearing Santa hat (PIC)
(none) Cat painting small hearts
Note: This mug came in both full size and child size
(Thinking Of You)
Cat thinking of you clouds (PIC)
(Feline Frolic)
Cats Dancing with hearts border (PIC)
(none) Tiny cats in line with balloons
Note: I have seen this one only in the child size
(none) Tiny cats in lines with multicolored balloons (PIC)
(none) Tiny cats in lines with multicolored heart balloons (PIC)
(none) Tiny cats in lines with red heart balloons (PIC)
(none) Cats on snowflakes
(One of my favorites!)
(none) Cats w/bunches of balloons (PIC)
(none) Cats w/bunches of balloons
(old-style mug)
(none) Cats w/bunches of heart balloons (PIC)
from the little monster
Small blue monster, waving (PIC)
Cheetahs never win Cheetah (PIC)
Chocolate makes the world go round Hippo (PIC)
Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Sleep. Grinning cats with "Coffee" balloons; the last one looks very tired and has a "Sleep" balloon (PIC)
Coffee, tea, or mud? Two pigs (PIC)
This mug is the exclusive property of a College Graduate.
Do not borrow or take it.
I don't care whom you are.
(College Graduate)
Turkey college graduate, in cap & gown (PIC)
one very cool guy
Polar bear in sunglasses (PIC)
Dance is everything Hippos in tutus (PIC)
Oh so cool!
Dinosaurs in sunglasses (PIC)
Don't let the turkeys get you down Elephant and 3 turkeys (PIC)
Don't let the turkeys get you down Elephant and 6 turkeys (PIC)
Don't let the turkeys get you down Elephant and 6 turkeys
Don't worry - I've got everything under control Turkey, dressed with shoe on head (PIC)
8 ounces hot drink as needed Dr. Pig writing prescription (PIC)
(none) Wrap-around dragon (PIC)
Dyed-in-the-wool conservative Sheep in suit (PIC)
Eat, drink and be merry
For tomorrow we may diet
Hippo in party hat, eating cake (PIC)
(Electric reindeer)
Rudolph, with tail plugged into electric outlet (PIC)
(none) Elephant playing tuba (PIC)
EMERGENCY ALERT! Administer chocolate immediately! Dazed-looking hippo (PIC)
EMERGENCY ALERT! Administer hot chocolate immediately! Hippo doctor giving mug to dazed-looking pig (PIC)
Everyone's entitled to my opinion Grumpy cat (PIC)
FACT: there are three times as many Mondays as there are Fridays Two hippos in business suits (PIC)
Fa-La-La-La-La-La-La-La-... Reindeer with "Fa" and "La" balloons - last reindeer's balloon is broken (PIC)
fFatheXr!@(dad) Typewriting cat (PIC)
For someone special Seahorses with horse swimming among them (PIC)
Fragile! Handle with care Cat holding globe (PIC)
Furry Christmas Cats dressed for Christmas, with cat angel inside (PIC)
Go for it! Mouse pulling upside-down elephant (PIC)
Gopher Gold
Los Angeles, 1984
Gopher, bear and lion on Olympic podium (PIC)
Gopher Gold Gopher, bear and lion on Olympic podium (PIC)
Grandma Cat with bunch of heart balloons (PIC)
Grin and ignore it Two cats (PIC)
Hal-le-moo-jah Cows in Santa hats, singing (PIC)
Hang in there Cat hanging from branch (PIC)
Hang in there Cat hanging from mug (PIC)
Hang in there Cat hanging onto branch (PIC)
Happy Happy Happy Animals with "Happy" balloons (PIC)
Happy birthday Progressively larger cat with balloon (PIC)
Happy birthday Dragon in party hat, lighting candles on cake (PIC)
Happy birthday from the whole crew Animals in boat (PIC)
Happy birthday to a rare bird Turkeys and peacock (PIC)
Happy birthday! Teddy bears with bow ties, one holding sign (PIC)
Happy birthday to you! Cat painting (PIC)
Happy happy happy birthday! Cat with bunches of balloons (PIC)
Have a 24-carrot day Rabbit with rainbow and pot of carrots (PIC)
Have a cool Christmas Santa and reindeer in sunglasses (PIC)
Have an udderly cool birthday! Cow in sunglasses, with balloon (PIC)
Have an udderly cool Christmas Cow in Santa hat (PIC)
Have yourself a merry little Christmas Cat & holly (PIC)
Have yourself a merry little Christmas Cat in Santa hat (old) (PIC)
Have yourself a merry little Christmas Cat with candy cane (PIC)
Hippo birdie deer ewe
Hippo birdie two ewes (fake?)
Hippo, birds, and sheep. Looks like an old Sandra Boynton card. (PIC)
Hippo birdie two ewes
Hippo birdie two ewes
Hippo birdie dear ewe
Hippo birdie two ewes
Hippo with cake, bird, and sheep, all in party hats (PIC)
Hippo holidays Hippo orchestra (PIC)
(none) Hippo playing violin, music with hearts for notes ensnaring another hippo (PIC)
Hippo new year Two hippos in party hats, celebrating (PIC)
Hippotenuse Hippo lying on the long side of a right triangle (PIC)
Ho Ho Ho Escargot (old) Snails in Sant hats, with candy-cane shells (PIC)
Ho ho hum Tired-looking Santa (must be after Christmas) (PIC)
Hogs and quiches for you pig chefs with pies (PIC)
Holiday greetings Cat swinging on Christmas ball (PIC)
Holly hippodays Freefalling hippos and holly (PIC)
Hot chocolate time! Animals running toward Nestle Quik box
(Nestle Quik promotion)
How can you resist such cuteness and talent? Cat balancing on ball (PIC)
How do I love this job?
Let me count the ways...
Bored-looking cat at desk (PIC)
I am not old
I'm classic
Dinosaur (triceratops) (PIC)
I am not plump. I'm fluffy. Fat - er, fluffy cat (PIC)
I believe in Christmas Cat with heart balloon, surrounded by holly (PIC)
I break for coffee.
bear in car (PIC)
I break for coffee
bear in car (PIC)
I lob you cat playing tennis with heart (PIC)
I love you
read between the lions
Lions with heart balloons all over (PIC)
I love you
from the bottom of my heart
Cat with huge heart (PIC)
I love you more than chocolate itself Hippo on divan (PIC)
I love you! Bear cutting out hearts (PIC)
I love you! Cat painting heart-shaped exclamation points (PIC)
I love you, Dad Tiny kitten with blue balloon
Note: this mug came in both full size and child size
I love you, Mom Tiny kitten with yellow balloon (not pink?)
Note: this mug came in both full size and child size. I think.
I love you. One bear yelling at another (PIC)
I love you! Cat shouting at another (PIC)
I love you Cat w/sign, surrounded by hearts (PIC)
I need your love Worried-looking cat surrounded by hearts (PIC)
I never met a carbohydrate I didn't like Hippo about to shake hands with huge cake (PIC)
I play to win. Monster in baseball uniform, with huge bat (PIC)
I'd follow you anywhere Dogs on stairs (PIC)
If I don't do it, it doesn't get done Sad-looking dog (PIC)
If it doesn't move, decorate it Hippo reading newspaper, surrounded by Christmas decorations (PIC)
I'm bullish on coffee.
Buy low, stay high.
Bull, with telephone and notes (PIC)
I'm so glad you're my mom,
and I think you're happy that
I'm your kid.
Sheepish kitten
I hope she made this design into a Mother's Day card, because it's perfect!
It's been udder chaos Cows in office (PIC)
It's just one dam project after another Beaver (PIC)
It's nice to know
you're always there
Elephants on trapeze (PIC)
(none) Jungle animals (PIC)
Just call me Mr. Personality Big blue monster, waving (PIC)
Keep smiling ] Dancing cats, with sad-looking one being dragged along (PIC)
Keep smiling
Keep smiling
Keep smiling
Two grinning cats (PIC)
Keep your paws off Dad's mug Grumpy-looking cat (PIC)
Keep your paws off Mom's mug Grumpy-looking cat (PIC)
Keep your paws off my hot chocolate Grumpy-looking cat
(Do we see a pattern here?)
Keep your paws off my mug Grumpy-looking cat (PIC)
Keep your paws off my mug
Grumpy-looking cat (PIC)
(none) Lion & lambs, lying down (PIC)
(none) Lion & lambs, standing up (PIC)
Love you Tiny cat with heart balloon and multi-colored hearts around rim (PIC)
Love you Tiny cat with tiny red heart balloon and red hearts around rim (PIC)
With a little hare on its chest
Rabbit on chest (PIC)
May all your impossible dreams come true Santa staring at skinny chimney, with laughing reindeer (PIC)
Merry Christmas Animals in letters (PIC)
Merry Christmas Animals with balloons spelling "Merry Christmas" (PIC)
Merry Christmas Tiny cats in lines with red & green balloons (PIC)
Merry Christmas Cats holding up candy canes to make hearts (PIC)
Merry Christmas Dinosaurs in Santa hats and sunglasses (PIC)
Merry Christmas! Floating cats & holly (PIC)
Merry Fitness
And a Happy New You
Santa and exercising reindeer (PIC)
Merry Merry Merry Animals with "Merry" balloons (PIC)
Merry Merry Merry Grinnning cats with "Merry" balloons (PIC)
MMMMMerry Christmas Cat with huge candy cane (PIC)
mMothXerl@(mom) Cat typing (PIC)
MOM Cat with "MOM" balloons (PIC)
Simply the best.
Cat in sunglasses, with rainbow (PIC)
More coffee. Dragon (PIC)
Mug Animals saying "mug"
The cow is saying "mooog." The turkey is saying "muggle muggle"
Mug Gorilla/Ape (PIC)
O inch by inches
Doth my love grow;
I feign would call thee
"My Escargot."
Two snails (PIC)
O inch by inches
Doth my love grow;
I feign would call thee
"My Escargot."
Two snails (PIC)
My heart belongs to you. Cat holding heart (PIC)
Never put off until tomorrow
What you can do today...
Sleeping cat (PIC)
Never say diet Hippo chef (PIC)
No guts, no glory. Smiling dragon looking down at tiny knight (PIC)
Los Angeles, 1984 No guts
No glory
Animals swim team
This came both with and without the "Los Angeles, 1984"
No more Mr. Nice Guy Angry monster (PIC)
No one could hug me the way you do. Two bears hugging (PIC)
Noelephants Elephants, one in Santa hat, trumpeting music (PIC)
Not a morning person Sleepy-looking cat (PIC)
Nothing is ever simple Cow hanging over moon
This design was made by both Recycled Paper Products and Portal Publications
On Dasher, on Dancer, on Donder and Blitzen,
On Comet, on Cupid, on Dancer and Vixen
and Donder, on Prancer and Flopsy and Fido
and Tweetie and Jumbo and Man-o-War...
Santa calling his reindeer (PIC)
One lump or two? Angry red monster (PIC)
Outstanding in the Field Cow in sunglasses (PIC)
(none) Peacock and birds (PIC)
(none) Penguins (PIC)
Please hassle me -
I thrive on stress.
Stressed cat (PIC)
Reflective observation
About the passage of time
Platitude, platitude, platitude,
And emotional ending rhyme.
A warm Happy Birthday to my very special friend
Cat (PIC)
(none) Cat with cloud thoughts getting progessively brighter, with the last one being a heart (PIC)
Salesmanship begins when the customer says no. Tiny salesman with briefcase facing a giant, angry monster (PIC)
(none) Santa and his reindeer - one dressed in scarf, earmuffs, and boots (PIC)
(none) Santa making computer list (PIC)
Santa's unusual reindeer Santa's sleigh being pulled by some unusual reindeer - hippo, giraffe, lion, elephant, and Rudolph
(I guess the diversity police got to him.)
Season's greetings Cat aloft with balloon and bird (PIC)
Season's greetings to someone
who is outstanding in the field
Bull standing in snowy pasture (PIC)
Season's grrrreetings Teddy bear in Santa hat & bow tie (PIC)
See America first
Los Angeles, 1984
Animals in jogging outfits running a race
I think this one came both with and without the "Los Angeles, 1984"
Creative Genius at work!
Hippo painting a fine art picture (PIC)
So much time... few worthwhile men
Depressed-looking woman (PIC)
Someday, when we're both rich and famous,
we'll look back on all this and laugh.
Two cats under a too-small umbrella in the rain (PIC)
Southpaw Cat, dressed in Aloha shirt, shorts, sunglasses and sandals, and holding a balloon (PIC)
(Springtime Pig)
Pig running, with flowers and banner (PIC)
T Totaler Hippo with blackboard, doing math with "T"s (PIC)
(none) Teddies in Santa hats & holly (PIC)
(none) Teddies & hearts in checkerboard pattern (PIC)
(none) Teddies in rows, with hearts overhead (PIC)
"That line is still busy
Will you hold till Monday?"
Turkey at switchboard (PIC)
The best things in life are free
with the possible exception of hot fudge sundaes
Hippo with hot fudge sundae (PIC)
The big cheese (bicolor cheese) Mouse looking at huge piece of cheese
This one came in two versions: a cheese with dark "holes", and a cheese with holes the same color as the rest of the cheese
The Cat's Pajamas Cat in striped pajamas (PIC)
"The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies" Hippos in tutus (PIC)
The fat cat Cat working at desk
Note: This one came in both the old style and the new style
The little joys of motherhood are without number. Mother cat with bunch of unruly kittens (PIC)
The little joys of teaching are without number. Owl teacher with unruly students (PIC)
Los Angeles, 1984
The thrill of victory
The agony of defeat
Rabbit jumping hurdle, with turkey draped over it
This mug came both with and without the "Los Angeles, 1984"
"There's NO business like SNOW business like NO business I KNOW..." Santa and reindeer dancing on rooftop (PIC)
Those of real character take their coffee black. Lion with mug of coffee (PIC)
To someone who is outstanding in the field. Cow standing in field (PIC)
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Woodpecker with beak stuck through tree (PIC)
Together again for the holidays Two smiling cats under mistletoe (PIC)
(none) Toy train with teddy bear and blocks (PIC)
(none) Turtle canoeing (PIC)
Udder cool Cows in sunglasses (PIC)
Untippable mug for:
Car Truck Boat Klutz
Car, truck, boat, and klutz (PIC)
Official member:
USA Sunbathing Team
Elephant, pig, hippo & lion in patriotic swimsuits (PIC)
Wake me when the children are grown Dad bear in bed reading to unruly kids (PIC)
...wee fish ewe a mare e-grets moose
pan-da hip-po gnu deer!
Animals singing (PIC)
Welcome to the rat race. Rats in jogging shoes (PIC)
When you're hot, you're cool. Rabbit in sunglasses with cactus & Southwestern design (PIC)
When you're up, you're up Hippo aloft with balloon & birds (PIC)
When you're up, you're up (fake) Hippo aloft with balloon and birds (PIC)
When's Friday? Stressed-looking cat at desk (PIC)
When's Lunch? Overworked pig at desk (PIC)
Whom. Owls on branch (PIC)
Whoopee. Bored-looking cat with balloon (PIC)
Wish you a Merry Christmas... Music with Christmas figures for notes (PIC)
Wishing you all the best Cat with bouquet of flowers (PIC)
Wishing you all the goodness and love of the season. Two cats, holding candy canes to make a heart (PIC)
xMerryxyc ChStmas&? Reindeer typing (PIC)
xxxxoooo I love you
(Terrible Typist)
Cat typing love note (PIC)
You made it!
Dog on stairs with bone (PIC)
You're a great guy -
no matter how you slice it.
Bear golfer (PIC)
You're one in a million All-over white cats, one grey cat with heart balloon (PIC)
You're one in a million -
Happy Birthday!
All-over white cats, one grey cat in party hat with balloon (PIC)
You're udderly awesome. Cows in heart-shaped sunglasses (PIC)
Youth is wasted on the young
George Bernard Shaw
Big elephant stealing angry kid's tricycle (PIC)



Sandra Boynton