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Sandra Boynton designed greeting cards and other items for both Recycled Paper Products and, later, Portal Publications. Her stint with Recycled Paper Products began in 1975, and continued until the early 90's. The last date I've seen on one of her Recycled Paper cards is 1992, although there may be some later. She did several lines of cards for them, including her famous cats, "Cleo and Max". Other graphic items she designed for RPP were party items, stickers, calendars, and buttons. She has designed more than 5000 cards. I'll never collect them all in my lifetime. I think I'm about 20 percent there - but I'm working on it!

At about the same time her designs were being produced by Recycled Paper Products, some of her card designs were being produced in French by Alexander Mosley Publications. These were probably produced for the Canadian market. I have a few of these, and will, eventually, be putting them up on these pages also.
Another overseas venue was Australia, where Recycled Paper Products produced many of her designs through their Australian arm.

She did greeting cards, Post-It notes, and computer stationery for Portal Publications starting in 1999, and ending in 2000. She also did a few mug designs for Portal, some of which are on the mugs pages.

Her designs have also been produced in other formats by several companies. Currently she is producing calendars through her book publisher, Workman Publishing. You can buy these through amazon.com, and your local bookstore.

If you have any of her items that are not shown on these pages, and could scan them or take a picture for these pages, I'd really appreciate it! Please contact me! Also, I have extras of some cards and stickers and would be willing to trade. How's that for a new concept in "trading cards"?

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