Recycled Paper Products Calendars

Sandra Boynton created calendars for Recycled Paper Products from 1979 to 1995. She also did a line of calendars through her book publisher, Workman Publishing, beginning in 2000.

These are most certainly NOT all the calendars she ever did. If you have a Boynton calendar that's not listed, please let me know. Also, if you can provide pictures or scans of the calendar pages, I'll post them here with a credit to you and my extreme gratitude.

Please note: If the thumbnail isn't up, that page isn't ready yet. If the thumbnail says "need images", that's one I know about but don't have, and would like to get pictures or scans.

Animal Farm Calendar 1979

Cloying Aphorisms & Useless Advice 1979

Animal Farm Calendar 1980

The Calendar of Beastly Humor 1980

V.I.P. Appointment Calendar 1982

Animal Farm Calendar 1983

Chocolate Calendar 1983

Food for Thought Datebook 1983

The 1984 Calendar of self-indulgence

The 1985 Calendar

The Calendar of Self-Indulgence 1985

Chocolate - A Calendar for 1986

Chocolate - A Calendar for 1987

The Boynton 1987 Datebook

Let's Get Org nized! 1988

A Boynton Calendar for 1989

Boynton Appointment Calendar 1990

1991 Calendar For The Very Cool

Boynton Appointment Calendar 1991

1992 - A Boynton Calendar, OOO Yeah.

1993 Cultural Exchange

The World of Boynton 1993

Cowlander 1995



Sandra Boynton