Recycled Paper Products Hippo Greeting Cards

Sandra Boynton created greeting cards for Recycled Paper Products from 1975 to 1991. While some people think she did cards for Hallmark, this is NOT the case - Hallmark created its Shoebox line to compete with her cards, and generally stole the "look and feel" of her cards. Some time in the early 1990s, Recycled Paper Products changed its name and logo to become Recycled Paper Greetings, probably to allow for easier web searches. Recycled Paper Greetings is again carrying some of Sandra Boynton's designs; I'll create a different page for the new designs when I'm finished with these. This group contains only cards produced through 1992.

I've printed the text below the card where it's hard to read in the image.  Also, I've made the print larger in the inside of some of the cards to make it easier to read.
All cards are "regular size" (approximately 5x7 inches), unless otherwise noted. "Notecard size" refers to 4x6 inches. A few are larger.

Please note: If the thumbnail isn't up (or isn't a hippo), that page isn't ready yet.
Broken picture symbols and blank spaces do not necessarily mean mistakes on these pages; they are just placeholders for coming attractions.


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