The Sandra Boynton Mug Collection

Welcome to the new, reformatted mugs pages! The pictures are larger, so you can see more detail, and they are reorganized in two ways: The primary mug pages are in alphabetical order, and I am also organizing them into categories. This is a work in progress, so please be patient!

CAUTION: There are several mugs I've seen listed on eBay Auctions and elsewhere as Sandra Boynton mugs, signed "Sandra". While these mugs were manufactured by Recycled Paper Greetings, they are NOT Sandra Boynton mugs. Click here for more information.

You may note that some pictures don't show up. I don't have pictures of those mugs (yet). I have provided the name and caption, so you will have some idea of what it looks like.


Alphabetical Listing

The Infamous Boynton Cat


Birthday Mugs

Christmas Mugs

LA Olympics Mugs
(Sandra Boynton's wonderful mugs from the 1984 Olympics)

Professional Mugs
(Teachers, Mothers, Fathers, Salesmen, etc.)

The Mug List

I would like to thank Dale Melsness of Seattle, who sells Boynton mugs (and many other interesting items) on eBay auction, for the use of his pictures of some of these mugs. You can view what he currently has for sale by clicking HERE.

I would also like to thank Robert Lou, who sells many wonderful items on eBay auction, for the use of his great Boynton mug pictures, which are far superior to the ones I took some years ago.

I would also like to thank Craig Foster (toys4uall), who also sells lots of Sandra Boynton mugs and other interesting items on eBay auction, for the use of some of his Boynton mug pictures as well. You can view his Sandra Boynton mugs, and other items that he currently has for sale by clicking HERE.

And last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Judith Atkins who discovered my webpage some time ago, and sent me beautiful pictures of her Sandra Boynton mugs. I hope she's been patient, and hasn't thought I just threw them away, because you can see some of them here now!


These are mugs advertised as being done by Sandra Boynton, signed "Sandra". The signature may resemble the name "Sandra", but it is not. These are not Sandra Boynton mugs. This is the signature from the "Juan in a Million" mug:
Juan in a Million
I emailed Recycled Paper Greetings about these mugs, and here is their response:

The two mug designs shown utilized artwork originally published as part of a greeting card line called "Bird Wit", created by Minneapolis-based marketing/advertising execs Gibson Carothers and Jim Lacey, who may have subcontracted an artist for the actual art.


Juan in a Million Bird with Rose



Sandra Boynton