Birthday Cards 1975-1979

You turned a year older? Celebrate with some Sandra Boynton humor!

...and Happy Birthday!

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Animal Farm (1975) Animal Farm (1976)

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By sending you this recycled card, I am expressing not only an interest in your birthday, but in ecology as well.
Please return it to me when you have a chance, so I can send it to you again next year.
Kulture Kards (1977)
Animal Farm (1977) Don't look now, but there's a HUGE slimy Monster of the Deep who is sneaking up behind you on its webbed feet (stay calm) and right now it is reaching one soggy paw toward your unprotected left shouder as its grotesque mouth slowly forms the awful words
Kulture Kards (1977)

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(You may not be able to see it, but the monkey on the right has a horrified expression on his face.)
Animal Farm (1977)
The pattern of evidence is highly suggestive: a number of parcels, a large cake with candles, much laughing and singing,
Kulture Kards (1977)

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Kulture Kards (1978)

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Although this birthday card does not have the color and gaiety of a big party balloon, it did cost me four times as much.
Kulture Kards (1979)
Kulture Kards (1979) Hap-py birth-day, O whoop-ee doo dee doo,
Hap-py birth-day, O whoop-ee doo to you
Animal Farm (1979)

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