Hippo Valentines

Love is in the air! And Sandra Boynton adds a little humor to it.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Animal Farm (1976) (none) (1978)

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Since it's Valentine's Day, it seems a fitting time for me to confess to you my most secret, fond, and wildly optimistic dream:
(none) (1982)
If you won't be my Valentine, there are many others with whom I can indulge my raging passions.
(none) (1983)

Card07 Card08 Card09
(none) (1984) Animal Farm (1984) (none) (1985)

Card10 Card11 Card12
(none) (1986) The notes are hearts!
(none) (1987)
(none) (1987)

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(none) (1988) (none) (1988)

Card16 Card17 Card18
(none) (1990)



Sandra Boynton