1958 Spring Promotion
Sun and moon and several old-fashioned hot air balloons white on blue. The only items in this pattern were two Cinderella mixing bowls, the smallest (#441) and the largest (#444), sold as a chip & dip set (#395), with a brass colored wire holder for the small bowl.
Cinderella Chip & Dip Set #395
4 Qt Cinderella Bowl #444
Barbed Wire*
1958 Fall Gift Promotion
Black intersecting lines with tiny stars on white. This divided casserole came with a divided clear glass lid and a brass colored cradle with ribbed white rubber handles.
1.5 Qt Divided Cinderella Oval Casserole #963
Blue Chip Week
1963 Promotion
White lettering in circles on blue. This was obviously a design to commemorate some event at the Charleroi Pyrex plant. I have no other information on this piece.
1 Qt Cinderella Round Casserole #473 or #481
1959 Promotion
Turquoise bird-and-flower Pennsylavnia Dutch motif on white. This small oval casserole came with a clear glass lid and a brass colored wire cradle with ribbed white rubber handles.
Bluebird was produced from 1959 to about 1961, and only used on promotional pieces, never in sets. Many thanks to Linda DePaulo-Hargraves for sending me this information!
1.5 Qt Cinderella Oval Casserole #943
Blue Stripe
1966 Promotion
Vertical light blue stripes on a medium blue background. There were several other combinations of stipes also: yellow on dark blue (#473), blue on yellow (#474), and dark blue on medium blue (#475).
Cinderella Casserole Set #470

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