Pins, Pinbacks and Buttons

Sandra Boynton designed pins, pinbacks and buttons for several different companies/organizations.

There was a series of cloissone pins for E. F. Hutton, with her animals on balloons, produced for sales clients.

I have one button for an animal-protection group with her cat on it, that says, "Kindness counts - be kind to animals". I don't recognize the organization's logo, and I've been trying to find out who they are now for a couple of years. If you recognize the logo, please tell me who they are!

And last, - but by far not the least - she did many different button and pinback designs for Recycled Paper Products. These are some of them. I know there are more - I just don't know what they are.
CAUTION FOR COLLECTORS: I have seen some items offered as Sandra Boynton "buttons" that are actually a sticker made into a button. While these may be fun to wear, they are not "real" Sandra Boynton buttons.
(see below)

Some pictures are missing, but I have left placeholders with the name or description of the button. There are also a few placeholders that just say "NAME". These are not mistakes. Think of them as coming attractions.

You may note that some of the button designs are the same as her sticker designs. I guess when you've got a good thing, you use it wherever you can. Not that I mind one bit.

Tip for button collectors: I store my buttons in heavy-duty plastic pocket pages designed for large coins. You could also store them in those readily-available trading card pages, although they're not as sturdy. I make inserts for the pockets out of poster board, so they don't sag, and put them in a large 3-ring binder. You could even punch holes in the poster board to pin the pins to them. It works great!

Recycled Paper Products 2" Buttons

Recycled Paper Products Small Buttons

Recycled Paper Products Itty Bitty (6") Buttons

Recycled Paper Products Pinbacks

The E. F. Hutton Collection

These are fake Sandra Boynton buttons I have seen being sold in various places. These are not actual Sandra Boynton buttons - they have been made by putting a sticker on a backing and turning it into a button. If you want one to wear, that's fine, but these are NOT collectibles.


Fake Button Fake Button
Notice the circle around the design. That's the edge of the sticker that's been stuck to a white paper backing to turn it into a button.