Itty Bitties

Not exactly "wearable art", but they look great on your desk or hanging on the wall.


Birdie Golfer Aerobics Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion Greatest Kid in the Entire Universe
Happy Birthday, Tom! I Live for Summer I Love You I Love You!
Happy Birthday, Tom!
I know it must be startling to realize how common
your name must be for this button to have been
produced, but just think how much more disconcerting
it would be if it also mentioned your brown hair and
your concern about losing it, your great athletic
potential, your subtle sense of humor, and your
intense drive to succeed.
Enjoy your chocolate cake!
If It Doesn't Move, Decorate It Love Grows Mr. Personality No One Could Hug Me the Way You Do
Please Hassle Me Rich and Famous Star Performer The Little Joys of Teaching Are Without Number
Udder Cool You're One In a Million

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Sandra Boynton