In Memoriam

She was the most beautiful, fascinating creature I've ever had the privilege to share my life with. It took me two years to win her trust, but after that, she became my friend and companion - going to school classes and shows to demonstrate that lizards can be more than, well, just scaly things. She was curious about everything. She accepted petting with grace and dignity. She liked to sniff flowers. She'd do almost anything for a kitty treat! I miss her terribly.

Isis was my "demo" lizard. Although I called her my "Nile monster", she was anything but. She was very tame, and I could feed her cat treats out of my hand. (Yes, I still have all my fingers!) She seemed to like going to shows and school classes to meet new people, and she always checked to see if anyone brought her a mouse. She seemed to think she deserved all the attention. (She did!) When I was going to take her someplace, I'd put her carrier on the floor and open the door; then, when I put her down on the floor, she'd climb right in and settle down, ready for the trip. She was a real trooper.

Isis died of liver failure the day before Easter, 1999. May she rest in peace.

Are you still out there? Hey! Just how close are you gonna get with that camera, anyway?

Z-z-z-z-z-z My favorite spot

I need a better pillow What's under here?

Is that a mouse??? I'm so beautiful!