Scratch-n-Sniff is a rescue animal, obtained when the local SPCA shut down a pet shop. She got loose in the shop, and was hiding inside the wall! She was so badly damaged, scrawny, dehydrated, and timid, but she's getting to be more trusting as time goes on.

You can see from the pictures that she has lots of damage. She was, apparently, caught in the wild, and held in a noose long enough for it to wear through her skin, as evidenced by the thin scar running all the way around her body at the hips. At some point in time, she was "subdued" by bashing her on the head - her skull is caved in between the eyes, and she has a large scar there. She has small scars all over her body, and the top of her tail has been chewed so that it looks scalloped - probably rodent bites from prey animals that were left in her cage when she wasn't hungry. (They'll chew on anything.) She has a 4" long burn scar on the underside of her tail - most likely from a hot rock. It burned all the way to the bone! Her left cornea has been perforated, and has a large amount of scar tissue. Her right eye is also cloudy, so she can't see very well. Because of her eye damage, she sniffs with her tongue a lot to find out what's around her. She also has very sharp claws. That's how she got her name - Scratch-n-Sniff.

She's an absolutely beautiful animal, despite the damage, and is turning into a little sweetie. Unfortunately, she's so badly damaged that her lifespan is probably going to be short. We've decided to give her a home where she can feel safe, for as long as she's with us.

My face isn't very pretty... I was caught in a noose! The scar goes all the way around.

I was so skinny! I fit my new cage just fine!

I sniff really well with my loooong tongue!