Selkhet is my new "baby" Nile monitor. She was given to me by the wonderful Reptile Education Club at Salida Middle School in Salida, CA. My Nile monitor, Isis, had been a regular visitor to that show for several years, and when she died, they decided to see if they could find another one for me. Selkhet has been with me since their show in May, 1999. She's growing like a weed, eats LOTS of fuzzy mice, and is a little bundle of energy!

When I received her from the club, her name was "Zipper", because she was so fast. After a few weeks at home, her name became "Nipper", so I decided to teach her not to bite. Thank goodness she learned fast! I've given her the permanent name of   "Selkhet",  after the Egyptian goddess, in keeping with the Egyptian goddess theme I started with Isis.

Hopefully, Selkhet will become another "demonstration" lizard, as Isis was - going to schools and shows to let people see what a Nile monitor can become with lots of gentle handling. Update 2001: Selkhet has turned out to be a boy. Perhaps he's due for a name change? He's becoming more handleable, but he's still rather timid, so he's not my demo lizard yet. I'm still working on him. He's now 4 feet long, and still growing. Yikes!



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