Christmas Cards 1991

This is the last year that Sandra Boynton made cards for Recycled Paper Products. After this, she made cards for Portal Publications for a couple of years. She is now doing cards again for Recycled Paper Greetings.

The inside of the card will show when you place your mouse over a card. The card line (series) and the date of the card (actually, the copyright date) is shown below the card.
NOTE: You MUST have javascript enabled to see the inside of the card!

Card01 Card02 Card03
(Boynton! Simply the best.) (1991) (Cards by Boynton) (1991) (Boynton Recycled Paper Collection) (1991)

Card04 Card05 Card06
(Cards by Boynton) (1991) (Cards by Boynton) (1991) (Boynton Recycled Paper Collection) (1991)

Card07 Card08 Card09
(Cards by Boynton) (1991) (Cards by Boynton) (1991) (Cards by Boynton) (1991)

Card10 Card11 Card12
(Cards by Boynton) (1991) Notecard size
(none) (1991)
(Cards by Boynton) (1991)

Card13 Card14 Card15
(none) (1991) (Cards by Boynton) (1991) (none) (1991)

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Sandra Boynton