Birthday Cards 1980-1983

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Kulture Kards (1980) Whereas, the party of the first part (herinafter referred to as "The Birthday Party") is on this the __ day of __, ninteen hundred and __, celebrating, acknowledging and suffering the addition of one year onto the former age of the aforementioned Birthday Party, Therefore, the party of the second part (herinafter referred to as "me") undertakes to wish The Birthday Party a Happy Birthday.
This contract shall remain in force whether or not The Birthday Party is party to a birthday party or any part thereof. Wheretoforwhich, I have set my hand ______ me: Party of the Second Part
Kulture Kards (1980)

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Food for Thought (1981) Food for Thought (1981) Food for Thought (1981)

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Five by Seven Glossies (1982) Kulture Kards (1982)
When you have no idea what you want to say.
Food for Thought (1982)

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Animal Farm (1982) Animal Farm (1982)

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Hippo birdie two ewes
Hippo birdie two ewes
Hippo birdie deer ewe
Hippo bir-die two ewes!
And many hippo returns
Animal Farm (1983)
Scan courtesy of Claudia Gassert
Animal Farm (1983) Animal Farm (1983)

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Animal Farm (1983) Kulture Kards (1983)

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