Animal Farm Doublespeak Calendar 1984

Dedication from the frontispiece: With gratitude to the National Council of Teachers of English and its Committee on Public Doublespeak for all the things furnished by the chair, Bill Lutz. And, of course, my gratitude to Eric Arthur Blair, a/k/a George Orwell, and to Mason Locke Weems, who fabricated the curious anecdote about George Washington in order to show the virtue of truth. Other versions of truth, incidentally, may be seen in The Quarterly Review of Doublespeak, the Committee's journal that reflects the responsible (and irresponsible) use of public language (Subscriptions $3 per year, NCTE, 111 Kenyon Road, Urbana, IL 61801).

I note that this wonderful-sounding journal is sadly no longer published. It would seem to be something that would be quite useful today. Perhaps it just couldn't keep up with all the doublespeak that we hear in our lives these days.

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