Remember back in the 1970s and 1980s, when those big, 2" round stickers were all the rage? Well, Sandra Boynton did a large number of them for Recycled Paper Products, and here, for your viewing pleasure, are some that I've found. If you have some that aren't pictured here, or know of some other designs she did, please let me know!

Warning! Recycled Paper Products did a large number of sticker designs, not all of which were Sandra Boynton! I've seen RPP stickers that are not hers being sold as Sandra Boynton stickers. All Sandra Boynton stickers will have her "Boynton" signature on them. While many of the non-Boynton stickers will go quite well with her designs, they are NOT Sandra Boynton. I've included some of those non-Boynton ones here as well, as examples. Also included are some RPP stickers by Dale, who also does clever art and humor.

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2-inch Round Stickers

Small Diecut Stickers

Large Diecut Stickers

4-inch Round Stickers

Other Stickers

non-Boynton RPP Stickers (including Dale)



Sandra Boynton