Plush Hippos

Sandra Boynton designed plush animals for three companies that I know about - Carousel by Guy, Recycled Paper Products, and Gund. Carousel was the very first, and the bears still have the original beady eyes. Other later ones had her famous trademark wide eyes. Recycled Paper Products produced her "Zoominary" line next, then Gund produced a large number of animals in several sizes, including some beanies. I've broken up this page to keep the load time down.

If you have pictures of any animal here that I don't have, please send it to me and I'll include it here, with a credit to you! I'm always interested in finding out about critters I don't have (or don't know about)!

Some pictures show up as missing or "broken". They're not mistakes - I just don't have pictures of those (yet).

ZOOMINARIES Sandra Boynton's line of plush animals for Recycled Paper Products was called "Zoominaries" (luminaries), and their names were all puns on famous people.
Edgar (Allen HipPoe)
10" tall
Tag reads: "I want to confess to you my most secret, fond, and wildly optimistic dream" and inside: "Perhaps someday you'll love me as much as chocolate."
Edgar seems to have come in two different colors - light and dark. I have seen the hang tag on only the darker color, though. I also note that the darker one has softer stuffing than the lighter one. I think Recycled Paper Products continued to make and sell the Boynton designs after their contract with her expired - without her name on them.
Fuzzyhead Hippo


Sandra Boynton did a series of bears for Carousel, and also one hippo - the Zippopotamus!
This is a children's backpack, with a zipper in the back, and a zipper mouth.
There were several different color combinations of the Zippopotamus. I have three shown here.
Tag reads: "Official ZIPPOPOTAMUS by BOYNTON
Guaranteed Not To Bite"


Blue Zippopotamus
Purple Zippopotamus
Gray Zippopotamus

Sandra Boynton did several lines for Gund over a few years, beginning in 1992. She did the regular-sized animals, a line of small boxed beanies called "Minimals", a line of Christmas animals and beanies, and a series of dinosaurs - the Boyntosaurs. If you have any of these and can give me text from the tags, please do so! Also, I'm looking for the names of ones that I don't have the names for. I would greatly appreciate it!


"Hippo Birthday"
Tag reads: Hippo birdie two ewes
                   Hippo birdie two ewes
                   Hippo birdie deer ewe
and inside:
"Hippo T Hopper"
The Easter Bunny put on a little weight...
Wedding Hippos
7 1/2" tall


The Minimals were a line of "greeting" plush, in boxes with messages on them. There may have been several different versions of one animal, in different boxes with different messages (and different names). Boxes were about 5" tall; the animals were about 4" tall.

Hippo Birthday
To/From: Hippo Birdie Two Ewes! (And many hippo returns!)
Box says: Hippo Birdie Two Ewes
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes
Hippo Birdie Deer Ewe
Contents: A periwinkle and white velour hippo, with coral accents. And a festive attitude.
On Your Wedding Hippos
To/From: ????
Box says: The perfect couple.
Contents: Grey velour bride and groom hippopotami, in an elegant gift box. The bride is lovely in a white tulle veil and holding a yellow bouquet. The dignified groom wears a black top hat with a matching satin bowtie and cummerbund.
A Very Little Will Power Hippo
To/From: A Very Little Will Power
Box says: Almost irresistible.
Contents: One small grey velour hippopotamus, fondly known as William "Will" Power. An excellent companion, though not highly reliable. Dislikes being exercised. Favorite saying: "I never met a carbohydrate I didn't like."
Catalog entry: A grey and white velour hippopotamus of great charm and scanty self-restraint.


A series of stuffed animals for Valentine's Day. Wouldn't one of these make the best Valentine's Day ever?

Hippo Valentino
Tag reads: Valentino: A Hopeless Romantic
and inside: In brief, I love you.


These animals came in boxed sets with Sandra Boynton board books

"One, Two, Three!" the counting hippo
This dapper fellow came with the board book "One, Two, Three!"
His tie is sort of a tape measure.