Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving is family time - and time for more Sandra Boynton cards! What better way to celebrate turkey time than with a Boynton turkey? Or cat? Or hippo? Or...

You may note there are gaps in the array. These are not mistakes. Think of them as placeholders for coming attractions.
All cards are "regular size" (approximately 5x7 inches), unless otherwise noted. "Notecard size" refers to 4x6 inches. A few are larger.

The inside of the card will show when you place your mouse over a card. The card line (series) and the date of the card (actually, the copyright date) is shown below the card.
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Thanksgiving Cards 1979

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Animal Farm (1979) Animal Farm (1979)

Thanksgiving Cards 1980

Card01 Card02 Card03
I need a good scan of this card!
(????) (1980)

Thanksgiving Cards 1981

Card01 Card02 Card03
(none) (1981) (none) (1981) It's easy to lose perspective, to feel too keenly the troubles of this life and fail to appreciate its subtle treasures.
THANKSGIVING is a time to pause and enjoy life's precious offerings.
(none) (1981)

Card04 Card05 Card06
(none) (1981)

Thanksgiving Cards 1983

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(none) (1983) (none) (1983)

Thanksgiving Cards 1984

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(none) (1984) Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy a sumptuous (turkey dinner crossed out) Pork roast.
(none) (1984)

Thanksgiving Cards 1989

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(none) (1989) (none) (1989)

Thanksgiving Cards 1990

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(Boynton Recycled Paper Collection) (1990)



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