Grandparents' Day Cards

Grandparents' Day is a time to honor those people whose job it is to spoil us when we're kids. After all, who could do it better? More and more these days, too, they're the unpaid babysitters. So, on the first Sunday after Labor Day, don't forget to honor your grandparents with something special - like a Sandra Boynton card!

The inside of the card will show when you place your mouse over a card. The card line (series) and the date of the card (actually, the copyright date) is shown below the card.
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My personal favorite.
Every grandparent should get one of these!
Animal Farm (1980)
(none) (1981) Scan courtesy of Brian Clinton
(none) (1981)

Card04 Card05 Card06
(none) (1983) (none) (1983)

Card07 Card08 Card09
(none) (1984) (none) (1989) (none) (1989)



Sandra Boynton