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Well, it looks like the webcrawlers have found me, and I'm starting to get so much SPAM that my mail responses to Sandra Boynton fans and others has been severely degraded. So, I've had to change my user-friendly email click to this webpage.

For all of you out there who seem to think I'm Sandra - my name is Kathy. I'm not Sandra Boynton, nor do I know how to contact her.

Please note: I'm not a business, and these pages are not a catalog of items for sale. I'm a Sandra Boynton and Snoopy collector, and all of these items have been discontinued for quite some time by the manufacturers. I do have many duplicate items that are shown on these pages, which I am willing to sell or trade, but my stock of items is limited. Also, please be patient - this is just a hobby, and I have a real job that takes a lot of my time. Thank you for your understanding.

I am quite happy to answer questions about the white opal/colored Pyrex bakeware, and I do like to talk to people about Pyrex. However, due to the huge number of emails I'm receiving from people who don't bother to read the text, I would ask you to please note the following before emailing me:
  • I keep information on only the white opal/colored bakeware.
  • I have no information on clear Pyrex, whether it has color on it or not.
  • I have no information on Pyrex dinnerware, Flameware, labware, insulators, or any other Pyrex items.
  • I don't buy or sell Pyrex. I don't even collect it. I just like to look at the pretty pictures. :+)
  • I am not associated in any way with the manufacturer of Pyrex cookware.
  • I don't sell the book. If you're looking for the book, click HERE.
  • I don't do values. If you want an item evaluated, take it to a reputable local antiques dealer. Or check your local library for a book on Pyrex.

So here's what you have to do:  Copy and paste the following link into your email and remove the part of my email address that says 'nospamplease'.
Otherwise, it won't get to me.

Send email to:

I'm sorry to have to make other people jump through hoops, but every SPAM I receive takes time away from my time to respond to you. Thanks for your understanding.

And if you're a spammer, here's the deal: I don't buy things from places that advertise with SPAM. EVER. Even if it's something that I would normally buy and your prices are much lower than the usual place where I shop. I keep a list of places that SPAM with things I might be interested in, and if I find you doing a web search looking for something, I will skip you and go on to the next one. And if you're the only one in the whole world selling that item, I figure I can live without it. I have so far, after all.

Sandra Boynton